Romantic relationships are fantastic opportunities for growth, but unfortunately we get caught up in our personal stories and end up making them very complicated. In doing so we lose the passion, forget the vision and often miss the opportunity to flourish as a team. 

Sadly we are not trained to find and keep meaningful connections. Most of us are self-taught when it comes to finding the right partner or growing a relationship, so we learn from our mistakes, which can be painful and unnecessary. Awareness of communication, toxins, impact, values and how to create a compelling team vision will support you as individuals and strengthen you as a couple.

Remedial couples.jpg


You want to redesign and rebuild your relationship by reigniting the passion, realigning the vision and recovering the elements that brought you together in the first place. You both understand the importance of taking ownership and responsibility for the relationship you have created, and you feel ready to start sweeping away the layers of dust that have covered your love, respect and friendship.

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You are moving in together or getting married and want to ensure that the key elements that brought you together will stay with you over time. Because you care about having a great future together, you want to decrease the chances of building toxins, miscommunicating or drifting apart when life brings the inevitable challenges.

You want to create a strong core and find alignment by understanding each other’s values and vision, while agreeing on how to communicate and relate to each other when you disagree or when things get tough.

I am a believer in prevention. It brings awareness and saves a great deal of pain. It is better to fix the roof before it starts raining!